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With 2 rivers meeting at our town, the Avon and the Stour, a harbour and direct access to the sea via our own bay, Christchurch Bay, it would seem improper not to include a section dedicated to all things water within our pages. A new development it must be said, so an ongoing project.

We can start with:

Dorset Police, 'Project Kraken'. Started, I believe in 2009 it is an attempt to inform the waterborne community of events within Dorset coastal and inland waters. It is an update on events, incidents and advice to all those using our waters. Usually twice yearly the newsletter is informative to all. Follow the below link that will take you to a page from which you may download in PDF format the newsletters available so far. We offer this service with the direct approval of the OIC responsible for the project, to whom we are grateful and wish the project every success, it benefits us all.

For Project Kraken newsletters click here


Do you want to know the state of play at Mudeford Quay in the last hour or so, then thanks to those very nice people at Highcliffe Sailing Club which of course is located on the Quay, next to the RNLI you can sit at home and see the current state of play via their webcam. Still photos taken about every 5 minutes or so are posted showing, the Bay, east and west harbour and the dingy park. All very useful for those of us that go out on the water but also it gives a good idea of the traffic movements down there, see if there is room to go crabbing and the like.

I am not a member of the club but I understand they always welcome new members so if your into sailing go and speak with them, I am sure they will be more than happy to provide advice or welcome you to their numbers.

Click here to link to the webcam, its listed on their top tool bar and see for yourself.


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