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The Great Chamber is one of the towns most prominent buildings, sited opposite the Kings Arms Hotel it forms one corner of the triangle in which sits our bowling green which must be one, if not the most beautiful places to have a bowling green, in England if not the world. The other corners are represented by the Castle and the Priory.

The plaque outside the Great Chamber, (shown at the foot of this page) describes some of the history. Again a ruin but one that should not be missed by the visitor.

The plaque says:

'Across a period of 500 years Christchurch gradually took on the form it still shows today. The Great Priory Church occupied the prime position nearest to the river. Beside it the late Saxon town was defended by timber walls and gates, the buildings arranged along a regular grid of streets with garden plots behind.

Into this orderly arrangement the Normans built a castle. This involved diverting the main east-west street so as to make room for the great earth mound carrying a timber tower. Between the mound and the river a defended courtyard containing the residential buildings of the castle.

During the course of the 12th century most of the castle building and defences were rebuilt in stone. The old wooden tower on top of the earth mound was replaced by a great stone keep whose remains can still be seen. Of the buildings in the courtyard, only the great Chamber still remains'.

This information is provided by Mr B.G. Drye