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Millhams Street is a narrow lane running off Bridge Street next to Dennisons Estate Agents. Some 50 yards along the street on the right hand side is Ducking Stool lane. Turn into the lane and walk to the very end where you will find the Mill Stream and awaiting the next client the ducking stool. A replica to the original stool this model was installed in 1986 as a result of the reintroduction of the Court Leet to sit in the town for the first time since 1937. Now only a ceremonial role and with no legal powers there are still many of these medieval law enforcers in the Country.

Be warned ladies, one of the main purposes of the stool was to duck nagging wife's, if they survived the experience they were allowed to return to the man who had reported them, how things have changed. When you have finished here, about turn and walk back to the end of the road. Stop off if you need to at the Ducking Stool Herbalist or the Ducking Stool Tea Rooms the latter providing refreshments to those who manage to find this old and interesting building.

On leaving Ducking Stool Lane go down the alley opposite, you should be able to see the pub I am directing you towards. The pub, The George Inn was first referred to in the record of 'St George' in 1630 and is now the oldest surviving inn in the town. The 'George Inn' or 'George and Dragon', stands opposite what was the town market place with the Town Hall and Town Prison, oh and by the way the shambles, pillory, and market cross. All have now either gone or been relocated but this small area would have been the centre of all that happened in the town many years ago.